Knowledge Base

Getting Started

How do I get started with Shotput?

Signing up for a Shotput Account is quick and simple. Go to

I’ve created an account. Now what?

Next, you’ll have to upload your products for us to review. We show how in our Onboarding Guide.

How do I contact you to solve issues?

You’ll be able to communicate with us via Slack, email:, or reach us over the phone: (866) 842-1125. Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm PST.

Customer Orders

How do I upload orders?

Orders can be uploaded via the API, your online store integration, manually entered or a CSV file upload. To upload via CSV check out our template and description here:

Parcel Order Templates, Customer Orders Template (PDF), Customer Orders Template (Excel), Customer Orders Template (Numbers),

How many orders can I upload with CSV uploader?

At this time you can only upload 100 rows per file. It’s best to split your orders.

How do I get a customizable packing slip to be inserted in my order?

Click on the “Settings” tab. It is easily customizable: you can add a logo, custom message and show prices.

Can I duplicate or split an order?

Yes. We have a “Duplicate” button on the Customer Order page. You must create a new name for the duplicate order and hit the “Duplicate” button.

Why is my order being packaged in the wrong box and how do I fix it?

Reach out to us via Slack or email us at and we’ll fix it!

Why is my order cancelled and cannot be shipped?

There are several common reasons as to why this happened. You will receive an email notification with the reason. Be sure to press the “Modify” button at the bottom of the page in order to save all changes.

  1. Every order must have a telephone number and email address. If these are missing, then click Modify order to add them.
  2. We verify every street address before shipping. If your street address can’t be found, then our system will not allow the order to be shipped. You should verify the address by entering it into Google Maps or the USPS address verification. Make the appropriate changes. Also, the apartment number/building name should be on Address line 2.
  3. The SKUs are not in inventory. We provide real-time inventory updates via the dashboard, so please be sure to continuously check it to limit interruptions.

Why is my Shopify order(s) not importing to the dashboard?

We will send you an email notification with the specific problem to fix. The most common issues:

  1. Invalid address or cannot be found. You must change it directly in your Shopify account. If the order is considered fraudulent then it must deactivated.
  2. You changed SKU names of your products (we strongly advise against renaming your SKUs in Shopify) and now you must import “new” SKU names.
  3. SKUs not found or in our system: product has not been added to your “Product Catalog”. Make sure to add the product.

When are my SKUs/product approved? I can’t pay for my orders?

Our warehouse team approves products as soon they arrive in our facility. First, we must verify the weight and dimensions. This ensures you receive the best shipping rates. This process can take up to 24 hours depending on the number of SKUs/products.

How do I change the status of a cancelled order?

Reach out to us via Slack or email us at and we’ll change it. We want to make sure the warehouse staff is aware.

What does it mean for my order to be in the Exceptions tab?

Orders that are returned to warehouse or undeliverable will be moved to the Exceptions tab. You’ll receive a notification when this happens. We provide a full description of the reason as to why it was moved here.

If you wish to reship this order, click the “Duplicate” button, rename it and pay for the order for it to be shipped.

How much time do I have to cancel or change an order after it is paid?

Once the order is paid and moves to the Shipping tab, it can no longer be cancelled. The package can be returned for a fee (see pricing below).

How do I get a return label?

Go the specific order you wish to return and click on “Create Return Label” button. Pick your shipping rates, there is a return fee (see fees below) and then the label will generate. You can email this label to your customer.


Do you provide insurance?

Your inventory in our warehouse is guaranteed for $2 million. Exact coverage is in the signed contract. We do not provide insurance for individual parcels shipments or freight, but that can be purchased.

Who is responsible for damages to parcels or freight?

Depending on the carrier and service, your customer shipment may be insured. You must provide a photo of damages and a letter from the customer in order to file a claim.

If your freight is damaged, we will file a claim on your behalf.

Send all documents to

How long does it take to resolve claims?

Claims can take anywhere from 1 to 2 months to be resolved.

What are the cut-off times for same-day delivery?

Orders received by 2pm PST or 5 pm EST will ship out the same day.

What are all the fees and when are they due?

  • Customer Order fee: cost to pack each box (determined prior to on-boarding) paid immediately to ship your order.
  • Shipment fee: Cost of shipping your boxes paid immediately to ship your order.
  • Storage fee: Billed at the end of the month. $20.00 per pallet per month, up to 10 pallets. $30.00 per additional pallet.
  • Freight Fee: Cost depends on the distance of freight, number of pallets, height and classification of products. Paid before the freight is shipped.
  • Extended Delivery Area: $5.00 paid after the package is shipped via invoice.
  • Packages that exceed 48” fees: $9.75 paid after the package is shipped via invoice.
  • Address Change fee after shipping: $15 to change the destination when package is en route. Paid after the package is shipped via invoice.
  • Saturday Delivery: $20 paid after the package is shipped via invoice.
  • Returned Packages: $10 for incorrect address, undeliverable, examining product for damage, and putting back into inventory.
  • Project Management: $25 to $40 an hour depending on the level of the project.

What type of special preparation services do you offer?

If you provide your own branded boxes we will pack them. Need to insert personal note cards to your customers we will insert them. We do not currently offer complicated packing services. If you are unsure about a special service then ask us.

How do you handle product inspections? What do you look for?

We offer simple inspections at the warehouse, typically for visual checks or inventory counts. Right now, we do not provide more complicated inspections, such as those needed for assembly or electronic testing.

Where will my product be stored?

Your product may not be permanently stored in one single fulfillment center forever. As your volume and customer base grows in different directions, we may move and split your inventory to other fulfillment centers when it reduces costs at the same quality.


How does payment work?

Pay for the orders you wish to ship with the prefered payment option you have on your account. Our dashboard accepts credit cards and ACH deposit. Additionally, we can accept payments for invoices via Dwolla, Venmo, and PayPal. If you prefer another payment method, please let us know and we'll support it for you!

We bill freight, storage fees, special projects, and additional shipping charges weekly via invoice. All invoices are due upon receipt.

Where can I find records of past payments and refunds?

You can find these at the “Billing” tab. You can view each of your previous payments and summaries of what they covered. These summaries will also show refunds.

Who pays for returns for mistakes made by the warehouse?

We never charge for orders sent at the error of our facility.

  1. Follow the process to get a return label
  2. Pay for the return label
  3. Email in subject line “Warehouse Error Order #”
    • Include Order #
    • Include the reason or issues
    • Photo of the product that is incorrect or damaged
  4. We will investigate the issue and determine if a refund will be applied.

My card still seems to have a charge from a refunded order. What do I do to fix the charges?

Banks can take 7-14 business days to refund charges. After this period, any questions or corrections can be forwarded to

Who pays for packaging materials and boxes?

Customers are responsible for purchasing boxes and shipping them to our warehouse.


How do I book a freight?

Go to your dashboard click on “Inbound Freight”. Then click on “Request a Freight” button and fill out all the details of your shipments. Product information is required to book a freight. If you have not input products go to the “Product Catalog” tab on your dashboard.

Support team will send you an invoice to book the freight. After payment, the freight will be confirmed and shipped.

Planning Your Freight

Same day: schedule before 12pm PST to guarantee same day booking.

Expect freight shipments to take 4-10 business days within the US.

International Air can take 2 weeks and ocean over a month.

Getting products to the U.S. from non-U.S. locations:

We work with a host of brokers to get your products to our west coast facilities. 1-2 months lead time is needed to plan.

Is there a standard way to organize pallets from the manufacturer?

Stack your freight no more than 50 inches high. The higher you stack increases the likelihood of damage to your freight. Wrap your freight tightly with plastic wrap. Indicate whether or not your freight is stackable or not with stickers. We work directly with your manufacturer to ensure the packaging meets our standards.

Our online freight system will not accept cases with mixed SKU. Also, include packaging list.

How is inventory managed?

After the freight has arrived we confirm the number products/cases that have entered the warehouse. After approval of freight, inventory is automatically updated as orders ship. You can see these levels in your “Product Catalog.” If you feel the inventory count is incorrect contact


Where can I find the Shotput API Documentation?

The Shotput API Documentation can be found on the dashboard.

What is the Box Packing API and where can I find the documentation?

The Box Packing API hits a three-dimensional bin packing algorithm. The goal is to pack a set of products in the most efficient manner in order to reduce shipping costs.