Starting at $100, you can purchase actual ownership of digital assets.  For example, if you buy $500 in units of a $10,000 asset, you will own 5% of this asset.  This entitles you to 5% of the voting rights, 5% ownership if the name is resold and 5% of the outstanding ownership units for you to hold or use (more features coming soon).
If a domain name is acquired by a third party, you will receive payment for your percentage ownership.  We can't guarantee that an aftermarket will be made in the future, but we will address this shortly.
If an offer to purchase an entire asset is made, the owners group will conduct a democratic vote to determine if they want to accept/reject/counter the offer.  Individual votes will be weighed according to percentage ownership.  i.e. someone with 1 unit will have less voting power than someone with 10 units.  However, if a sale happens, all owners will be paid according to their ownership stake at the new set price per unit.
Due to complexities in tax laws we are unable to offer advice on this topic. is much more than just a quick-flip marketplace, as new features will be rolled out soon.  There is a risk that any purchase will be difficult to resell, so be sure to consult your advisors before making any decisions here.
Since we are just getting started, Shotput will hold the domain names in our escrow account at a reputable registrar such as GoDaddy, Enom or Network Solutions and we will pay the annual renewal fees.
It is possible that owners of each asset will split these renewal fees in the future.  Expect a $10-$20 annual renewal fee split among all owners (likely will amount to less than $1 per person). Those that hold a larger percentage of ownership will bear a larger percentage of the renewal fees.
See above.
Shotput will hold the assets in our escrow account at a reputable registrar and they will remain in 'transfer lock' status.  
Be sure to see our About Us page for all information.  In short, the founder of this site is Aron Meystedt, a long time member of and ambassador for the digital asset space.
Aron has transacted well into the 8-figures in digital assets.  He started the Domain and IP Category at Heritage Auctions and he is the owner of the world's first registered .com:
Most digital assets are limited in supply and very high in demand.  Domain names reside on the DNS -- a resilient decentralized network that facilities billions of activities per day from browsing the Internet to sending/receiving email.  Digital assets come with added features that owners can enjoy.  Read our blog post "Why Domain Names and Digital Assets" for more.
Your units exist in your profile account here at Shotput.  For now, you are unable to take your ownership stake outside our platform.  We may implement this feature in the future, but it isn't guaranteed.  Housing your ownership here allows us to grant you participation in future features such as voting rights and more.
We currently complete all of our payments through Stripe via a secure/encrypted page.  This allows you to pay with any credit card you wish.  Stripe charges a  fee which Shotput will absorb on every purchase.  The method of payment and how you fund your account and make transactions may change in the future.
While the odds of a UDRP are extremely low, we do recognize that this is possible.  Ways to avoid a UDRP are many -- including NOT using the name in any way that infringes on an existing trademark.
We are careful to select names that don't infringe on existing marks and we'll make best efforts to ensure the usage of the name does abuse any existing IP.
If a UDRP is to occur, the asset owners will vote on legal representation and the legal fees will be split among the group in a proportional manner.
If our site fails to be a going concern, or ceases operations for any reason, the owners of each asset will vote on the best way to liquidate their ownership.  The most likely options are:  via an auction house of the group's choice  OR  via an established broker who will promote the name to interested parties.  Please note that liquidation fees may be charged by auction houses or brokers, which may impact the total amount you receive back.  Since these assets are quite valuable, you should anticipate a fair liquidation amount -- however, these assets are rather illiquid and finding the right buyer may pose a challenge.  Of course, we don't anticipate shutting this service down -- but the above is the process if something should occur.
We will maintain a registry of clients and their ownership percentage -- and all will be paid their ownership portion in the event of a liquidation as mentioned above.