Spin up new Supply Chains

We are building a system to become the simplest and most reliable way to manufacture and ship products directly to your customers. Right now, Makers spend incredible amount of time and energy just managing simple aspects of their business like warehousing and transportation so we made a blockchain to help them manage just that part.

The end goal requires us to fully automate the entire supply chain for key types of customers which means heavy use of robotics and elegant UI paired with sophisticated visualizations to show large data sets. One thing that will become more obvious is I have an ambition to rethink and redefine the movement of goods globally which means self-driving vehicles, electric airplanes, autonomous cargo ships, smart containers, and fully automated warehouses.

Point to point movement of goods is more efficient, less wasteful, and environmentally sound. This is how products are supposed to move in the world but due to the complexity of coordinating movement historically custody transfers have been centralized through hub and spoke model. Today we have decentralized networks running applications and asset transfers this needs to be applied to the physical world which will allow more products to flourish.